9×12-Ad Terms

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9×12 Postcard Advertising Terms and Conditions

PARTIES. This AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is entered into effective the date of execution, by and between Let’s Get Booking, LLC (“Company”), the publisher and the Business Name as stated herein (“Advertiser”).

CLIENT SERVICES. Let’s Get Booking will create a postcard for distribution to local area residents in conjunction with it’s Read To Dogs at Petco program and/or businesses as detailed herein above, (the “Services”) and as set forth in the Service Terms and Conditions, which may be viewed at www.LetsGetBooking.com/9x12adterms. Ads will be printed according to specifications agreed to by Advertiser and final proof approval as stated herein below. Final ads may include slight variances in size and color and coating. Final postcard shall be determined solely by Let’s Get Booking, LLC. Advertiser will supply, within five (5) business days, all required text, graphic images, layout specifications pertaining to the advertisement defined herein. The Company reserves the right to edit the advertising copy and design. Copy corrections must be made within three (3) business days of receiving proof, otherwise The Company will determine that the copy is correct and meets Advertiser’s approval. Advertiser is solely responsible for the content of its advertisement. Company takes all reasonable precautions to publish the advertisement(s) either submitted by the Advertisers or created by Company without typographical and/or printing errors but is not responsible for any such errors or omissions. In the case of any dispute, Company liability and liquidated damages shall be limited to the price of this contract. Parties agree to enter into binding arbitration as a final means of dispute resolution.

DISTRIBUTION. Distribution of postcard is the sole responsibility of the US Postal Service. Company cannot be held responsible for any changes in USPS policy, status and/or viability nor other events beyond the Company’s control that may affect the production or distribution of postcard, including, but not limited to: natural disasters, acts of war or terrorism, labor disputes or acts of God, beyond the date of this contract.

REPRESENTATION. Advertiser acknowledges upon signing this agreement, that s/he has not relied upon any promise, statement or representation other than those contained herein.

GUARANTEE. Company makes no guarantee as to ad performance, website performance, website hosting, profitability, daily deals, promotion, reputation or system performance or return on investment.

OWNERSHIP. Advertiser understands that is an advertising agreement and that sites, offers, promotions or pages created for the Advertiser may be terminated or discontinued at any time and at the sole discretion of Company. Furthermore, QRCodes, Keywords and domain ownership created for your use are retained by the Company.

 LIABILITY. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damages, including consequential, indirect and incidental, arising out of the use of the services, except to the extent prohibited by law. Any implied warranties or conditions of merchantability are limited to the duration and terms of this agreement and that the sole remedy will be the termination of this agreement.  

CANCELLATION. Advertiser cannot cancel or otherwise revoke this contract.

For ACH payments, Advertiser authorizes its financial institution to charge the Advertiser account(s) and pay Let’s Get Booking, LLC by electronic funds transfer or permit Let’s Get Booking, LLC or its processor to create a paper draft for deposit against the Advertiser’s above specified account for the total monthly fee indicated herein and the setup fee (one-time).  Returned ACH or check draft transactions are subject to a $25 return fee payable by the Advertiser. Failure to make scheduled payment will be considered notification of cancellation and agreement will be terminated within 15 days unless past due payment is made in full.

LAST UPDATED 21 February 2019

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