Dyslexia: The Numbers Don’t Lie


Why Dyslexics Find Reading So Difficult

● Dyslexics use a different part of their brain for reading
● Rather than easily recognizing words and groups of words as non-dyslexics do,
dyslexics need to first identify each letter and then try to group the letters into words and
● Doing so requires so much focus that it’s hard to remember the word you just formed

Schools Are Not Dyslexic Friendly

● School work is 4 times harder for dyslexics
● The traditional school curriculum is weighted towards reading and writing
● Schools don’t provide tools or support for the extra time dyslexics require
● Teachers are uninformed and not prepared to adequately assist


● Dyslexics are often afraid to read aloud in the classroom
● Homework takes more time to complete
● Test questions are more difficult to understand
● Assignments require additional explanation
● Dyslexics have low confidence in school
● They think they aren’t smart because learning is more difficult for them

What Let’s Get Booking Does To Help

● We provide a platform where kids can sign up to read in a stress free, non critical environment where it’s ok to make mistakes
● Hearing yourself read aloud helps you improve by hearing your errors
● This builds the reader’s confidence and helps decrease their anxiety

Community Benefits

● Readers provide companionship for the elderly and add to a facility’s life enrichment programs
● Animal shelters will likely see an increase in pet adoptions, since reading to animals provides a stress free environment and bonding opportunity


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Dyslexia Q&A

Can Dyslexia Be Cured

“Dyslexics cannot be cured of dyslexia – we know this. But they are able to be taught, and they are able to learn. You just have to teach them using a style that suits them and remarkably, they do learn and they do just become like another normal kid.”  (Source: Thomas Mullally, Dec 2015)

“It makes no sense to talk of ‘cure’ when dyslexia is not a disease. Dyslexics simply have different brains that find reading difficult, just as some of us find piano playing difficult.” (Source: Dyslexia Research Trust View Article)


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