Let’s Get Booking 

How We Help Struggling Readers

We connect kids and adults with locations where they can practice reading out loud without being judged, earning points and rewards along the way.

Doing so can have an impact that extends far beyond the classroom as struggling readers begin building their self confidence focusing on their strengths instead of their struggles.

How We Help Struggling Readers

Hi, I’m Shane, the founder of Let’s Get Booking and I want to welcome you to our community. I created Let’s Get Booking to help anyone who struggles with reading improve and build their self confidence by practicing in non-judgmental environments and earn points and rewards along the way.

Let’s Get Booking is the result of the struggles my parents and I faced trying to find the help I needed to deal with my reading challenges, both in school and with the impact it had on my self confidence, as early as the 1st grade.

I don’t want you to waste the 2 years and the thousands of dollars we did in search of answers and help.

Since Let’s Get Booking launched back in March, 2018 I’ve spoken with hundreds of parents and kids about their struggles, not just with Dyslexia, but with other reading challenges and learning disabilities they struggle with.

My parents and I realized early on, there’s tremendous strength in numbers. That’s where you and I fit in together. The more feedback you share with me, privately (through email) or publicly (via Social Media), the more I can use Let’s Get Booking’s growing influence to help make changes that can make a real difference in your family’s life and in the lives of others.

Again, welcome! I can’t wait to share all the great things we’ve put together for you.


Shane Herman

Founder and CEO

What is Let’s Get Booking all about?

 We’re the place people of all ages can come to practice reading without being judged and earn rewards along the way. Right now our focus is on kids, but as we grow we plan to offer assistance for those whose struggles with reading make it more difficult to function and excel in the workplace.   

Let’s Get Booking is an online community that brings together struggling readers and their families with opportunities to practice and improve their reading without being judged (that’s the real key to it).

We do this by bringing together people and organizations in local communities and online.

For example, we formed a partnership with our local Petco store in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and their pet rescue partner, All For One Pet Rescue.

Here’s how it works . . .

– Parents register online

– Show up with your child and a book

– Find an All For One Pet Rescue volunteer

– Tell them you’re there to read

– Kids can read out loud to one dog or

– Different dogs or

– Just hang out as time permits.


How does practicing reading out loud help?

When kids struggle with reading it makes them feel stupid and that just kills their self confidence (I know first hand, it happened to me). If something’s not done about it kids could suffer from low self esteem for the rest of their lives.

Reading out loud without the fear of being judged helps a kid build their confidence. The simple act of reading without being laughed at, corrected or judged is an important first step in building a young person’s self confidence.

The first part is finding someone or an animal that won’t or can’t judge you. Being corrected doesn’t help, it makes things worse, believe me.

Reading out loud makes a difference. When you read silently, you can’t hear your mistakes. Hearing your mistakes as you practice gives you an opportunity to improve.


I can tell you from my own experience. Here’s how I’ve been able to make presentations in front of large audiences, record videos and appear on TV . . .


I practice out loud, reading everything I’m going to say or record. It sucks because I have to practice over and over again and even after that, I still make tons of mistakes.

You know what, though? I found it’s okay to make mistakes. People don’t care and if you have something important to say (or an important project for school) you’ll need to find a way to just do it.


The Importance Of A Non-Judgmental Audience

When I first focused on reading out loud, I would take turns reading before bed. One night to my Mom and the next night to my Dad. Both of them did the same thing, they corrected me as I read.

Though they were both just trying to help me, they’re correcting me just made me feel worse.

That’s why non-judgmental reading out loud is so important. I didn’t want to be judged or corrected, I felt bad enough about how I read. I was afraid to tell my parents because I didn’t want them to get mad.

It reached a point where I just didn’t want to read to them anymore. When I finally told them, they were very understanding and they apologized for making me feel bad. They just didn’t realize how bad it made me feel.

My Mom came up with a great solution . . .

She told me to try reading to my dog, Charlie. I have to admit, I thought that would be kinda weird. But I tried it. And it was fun. It got me closer to Charlie just by hanging out with him in bed with him on my lap as I read to him.

[charlie and shane photo]

When You Struggle With Reading It Extends Far Beyond The Classroom

When you struggle with reading, it makes you feel stupid and that affects the way you think about yourself. You can’t tell yourself, “oh I’m not as good of a reader as other kids, but I’m a great baseball player, artist or I’m great in math.” It doesn’t work that way!

When you struggle with reading in class and see other kids don’t, you naturally feel bad and feel stupid. Just like I did.

Most teachers don’t know much about dyslexia and what it’s like to have it or other learning disabilities. You’ve probably experienced this challenge yourself. Teachers typically don’t know what to do or how to help. Here are a few tips for teachers

Moving Beyond The Limitations Of The Classroom

We’re building a community for dyslexic families (and others who struggle with reading) to move beyond the limitations of the classroom and focus on their kids strengths instead of their struggles.

We’re building a community for dyslexic families (and others who struggle with reading) to move beyond the limitations of the classroom and focus on their kids strengths instead of their struggles.

Take a kid like me . . .

I was afraid to read out loud in class for fear of being made fun of.

In less than a year (in 3 months in fact) I made a presentation in front of an audience of 400 people to raise $10,000 from John F Scarpa, one of the founders of The Cellular One Network and philanthropist Rick Stone for Let’s get Booking.

I recorded a 3 minute video presentation that was played for the audience (you have no idea how long it took to make that presentation and record version after version before finalizing it).

Then, the scariest part, the philanthropist investors asked me questions that I had to answer in front of everyone.

Since we launched, I’ve been interviewed on TV, including:  


I also continue to record videos explaining what we do and how we help.

If I can do all this, so can you!

Our Politicians Have Taken Notice

West Palm Beach Mayor Jerri Muoio

Reading Events At Mandel Public Library



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