Reading To Seniors

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Humane Society of Missouri | Software To Schedule A Time To Read To A Dog | The Importance of Reading Aloud |Finding A Shelter Near You | Building Confidence

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Non-Judgmental Reading at Humane Society of Missouri

The Humane Society of Missouri has discovered what we learned more than a year ago when I told my parents that I didn’t like it when they corrected me every night when I read to one of them.

I can relate to this great story of kids reading to dogs at the Humane Society of Missouri because we rescued my dog Charlie, a Schnauzer Poodle, mix from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in Palm Beach County back in 2009. Peggy Adams doesn’t have a reading to dogs program (yet), but I’m hoping to change that through Let’s Get Booking’s scheduling application when it launches this fall.

We did find a great partner, Big Dog Ranch Rescue to launch our own Reading To Dogs program in West Palm Beach. Our kick off event is on Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 1-2pm. Spots are limited, so be sure to sign up now, here’s the link: REGISTER NOW

Kids will be able to read to one of the BDRR dogs in a one-on-one session. So bring your favorite book and get reading to build your confidence by reading out loud without being judged.

Dogs can’t judge you and why practicing reading to them is so important . . . 

When kids struggle with reading, a common solution for parents is for their child to practice reading to them. That’s exactly what my parents thought we should do.

You know what happened?

My parents thought that correcting me was being helpful. They didn’t realize that they were being judgmental and that actually made me feel worse.

Let’s Get Booking Reading To Dogs Scheduling Software 

Our software application helps connect kids with animal shelters and other locations in local communities where kids can schedule an appointment to read in a stress-free, non-judgmental environment.

It’s more than just scheduling an appointment online, the application allows kids to track their progress, earn recognition and win great prizes and rewards as well.

The Let’s Get Booking project originated when my mom read about kids reading to dogs at home and how it made the kid feel better, reading to their own dog. So we started doing that. Charlie would hang out on my bed each night and I would read to him.

It really did make me feel much better about my reading practice because Charlie couldn’t correct me and judge my reading skills.

When my parents tried to help me by correcting my mistakes, I told them it made me feel worse and complained to them about it. They said they were just trying to help. I know they were, but it made me very upset.

Reading To Dogs Provides Out Loud Reading Practice

Reading out loud is a very important part of practicing because being able to hear yourself helps you catch your mistakes, something that isn’t possible when you read silently to yourself.

This is particularly helpful for dyslexics and others with reading difficulties. As a dyslexic, one of my greatest fears is reading in class. Most people don’t like speaking in front of groups of people, so you can imagine how scary reading in front of others is when you don’t read well.

Being called upon to read in class isn’t practice. That’s for sure. It’s very stressful.

Reading aloud to Charlie makes me feel much better about my reading. Buy what if I didn’t have Charlie? What would I do? Where would I go to practice reading to dogs?

Reading To Dogs In Shelters When You Don’t Have One At Home

Animal shelters are a great place for kids to go to practice their reading to dogs. The shelters typically have a variety of breeds for kids to choose from. It’s a great way for kids to bond with the dogs.

Shelters can use the reading program to draw attention from residents throughout their community and increase the opportunity for pet adoptions.

Finding Shelters Who Support Reading To Dogs

Let’s Get Booking’s platform enables kids to sign up to read in a stress free, non-critical environment where it’s ok to make mistakes. We’re in the process of signing up animal shelters throughout the country to add them to our application’s search engine.

Kids will soon be able to register and search for animal shelters in their community where they can make an appointment online to start reading to dogs. Every time they do so, the application will keep track of their visit and they’ll be eligible to earn great rewards and prizes.

Reading Practice Helps Build Confidence

Hearing yourself read aloud helps you improve by hearing your errors
This builds the reader’s confidence and helps decrease their anxiety.

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It went viral with more than 20 million views on Facebook. . .

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Join us as we kick off our “Reading To Dogs” programs beginning with Big Dog Ranch Rescue located on Okechobee Blvd on Sunday, October 14th from 1-2pm.

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We’re building a network of Animal Shelters, Animal Rescue Leagues and other unique locations to practice reading. Click the banner below to be notified when locations near you become available.

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SHELTERS AND RESCUE LEAGUES We’re building a web-based scheduling, progress tracking and rewards application to make it easy for kids to sign up to read. Click the banner below to join us.

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