What Others Have To Say


Dear Nestor and Shane,

I am writing to congratulate both of you on your wonderful presentation at the Philanthropy Tank Finals of Read With Me (now Let’s Get Booking). Your program to work with dyslexic young men and women, to help them become better readers, will be a life changer for each of them. I love the development of your software, which will offer practice reading and stress-free environments. The plan that you have, which is to allow dyslexic students to read to senior citizens and animals at the animal shelter to engage and improve their reading skills. The scheduling component in your software I think is most important since it will allow for great scheduling between the reader and the individuals who you will visiting, without much disruption or cancellations.

I look forward to working with you to develop Let’s Get Booking. Please extend my congratulations to your parents for supporting you in this wonderful project.

John F. Scarpa

Principal Investor and Mentor, Let's Get Booking, LLC

When I saw your passion for the project, I wanted to invest.

Rick L. Stone

Founding Investor, Let's Get Booking, LLC