Practice Reading To Our Dogs

Sunday, Oct 14, 1-2pm


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Hi, I’m Shane. I’m the kid reading to Peanut in the photo above.

Peanut is a 4 year old female Chihuahua rescued from Puerto Rico after the hurricane and was born with congenital limb malformation.

Reading To Dogs Provides Out Loud Reading Practice

Reading out loud is a very important part of practicing because being able to hear yourself helps you catch your mistakes, something that isn’t possible when you read silently to yourself. I used to practice reading to my parents each night, but every time I made a mistake, they corrected me. They thought they were helping, but that actually made me feel worse.

Reading to dogs like Peanut, helps you build your confidence…and as a dyslexic I know that’s one of the biggest challenges we face. So join me and the dogs at Big Dog Ranch Rescue to practice your reading. It truly helps you overcome your fears (I got up in front of 300 people to present Let’s Get Booking to a group of investors this past March and won!…so I know what I’m talking about).

As a dyslexic, one of my greatest fears is reading in class. Most people don’t like speaking in front of groups of people, so you can imagine how scary reading in front of 300 people when you don’t read well. Being called upon to read in class isn’t practice. That’s for sure. It’s very stressful. Reading aloud to dogs makes me feel much better about my reading.

Come join me…I would love to meet you when you sign up to read to one of the great dogs at Big Dog Ranch!

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Did you see this video? It went viral with more than 24 million views . . . I’LL EMAIL IT TO YOU ONCE YOU SIGN UP!
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We Help Dyslexics Build Their Confidence

We’ve struggled with our learning disabilities for years. Having a learning disability makes school much more difficult and affects your confidence. It also has a big impact upon your family. Our parents spent years and thousands of dollars trying to get us the help we need.

Studies show that as many as 1 in 5 people are dyslexic. One of the problems is that many of them don’t know it. Many find out only after searching for help when their kids start struggling in school.

We struggled too. That’s the reason we formed Let’s Get Booking. We wanted to provide FREE help to families, regardless of where they live, their financial situation and how far along they are in their journey.



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Our Winning Presentation At 2018 Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank

Originally named ‘Read With Me’, Let’s Get Booking was selected as the youngest of 8 winning teams in the 2018 Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank. We overcame our challenges and low self-confidence to win a $9,000 investment from John F Scarpa, one of the founders of The Cellular One Network and $1,000 from Rick Stone.

We made our presentation in front of a live audience of more than 300 people. Talk about nerves! If we can can do, so can you. You can see where our idea started and how far we’ve already come in a few short months.

Are you the next #ChangeMaker?


Shane and Nestor, I am writing to congratulate both of you on your wonderful presentation at the Philanthropy Tank Finals of Read With Me (now Let’s Get Booking). Your program to work with dyslexic young men and women, to help them become better readers, will be a life changer for each of them.
John F. Scarpa

Co Founder, Cellular One Network